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Your dealership reinvented
Lightweight, easy to use & cost effective. Meet your new favourite sales rep, we work 24/7.

Trusted by authorized dealers of the top brands

VINN has been featured in newswire
VINN has been nominated in Douglas top ten to watch
VINN has been featured in the globe and mail
VINN has been featured in the globe and mail
VINN has been featured in the globe and mail
VINN has been featured in the globe and mail
Laptop and phone with vinn vehicle checkout displayed

Pricing Calculator & Credit Applications

Allow your e-leads to adjust monthly payments, explore lease terms and submit a credit application directly with your F&I office. Our customers convert at a higher rate than any other finance lead and give your dealership total control over the deal.
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Trade Appraisal

Receive all the information you need to give an accurate trade evaluation and further engage your leads. VINN customers can submit photos, accident history and loan information for their vehicle.
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Ipad with vinn vehicle checkout displayed on screen
Display the booking step of the vinn vehicle checkout

Appointment Booking

By integrating directly with your dealership calendar, we allow customers to book delivery or test drive appointments with your store, giving you at least 24-hour notice to prepare the vehicle for delivery.
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Lead Generation & Completed Sales

We can provide your dealership with the customers you need. Based on your inventory, store volume, and location, we can send pre-qualified leads and buyers through your doors. Each customer is qualified by our customer service team and will be expecting a call from your sales department.

For customers that are ready to convert online, VINN sends your dealership a complete deal file. Trade-in photos, credit application, and all other paperwork can be completed before the buyer even reaches your dealership.
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Desktop with vinn vehicle checkout displayed
mobile phones with vinn marketplace and retail products displayed

Marketplace & Retail

For the ultimate digital retailing portfolio, we offer two great solutions. VINN Auto is our marketplace website where thousands of customers can view your inventory, submit leads and start a deal. VINN Retail allows you to take our industry-best checkout and install it directly on your dealership website. Working in combination, our two products put your dealership at the forefront of Digital Retail.
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Your Deal, Your Terms, Your Timeline

For both the customer and your dealership, the success of Digital Retail lies in flexibility. VINN allows customers to structure their digital deal in the way that works best for them, giving your dealership the ability to seamlessly pick up the process in-store at any point.

Working with VINN doesn’t mean reinventing your sales process. Unlike other Digital Retailing tools, we focus on making sure you retain ultimate control over your deals. It’s the same flow your team is used to, but with a modern edge.
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Desktop with vinn checkout displayed
woman beside her new vehicle bought on vinn
“Found my perfect car, filled out all necessary paperwork and booked my viewing time all while sitting at my kitchen table. Couldn't have asked for an easier or more convenient car shopping experience!!”

- TJ

Modern Customers

After using our products to interact with your dealership, our customers arrive at your store smiling and ready take delivery of their new vehicle. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, and your dealership gets to see the benefits. Here are some of the things customers have had to say after working with our dealer partners.
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Digital Retail, Attainable & Realistic

Setting up Digital Retail at your dealership is more necessary now than ever. We believe price should never stop you from offering your customers the services they need, which is why we make sure VINN is the most attainably priced product on the market. Our products are lightweight, easy to use and give your dealership everything you need to succeed at Digital Retail. It’s time to find value within the Digital Retailing space.
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Working with us

1. Consultation
A member of our Dealership Success team will show you our products, work to understand the needs of your dealership and provide a recommendation on the bets Digital Retailing strategy for your store.
2. Onboarding
Usually in less than 2 weeks, we can have you set up on VINN. After you’ve been set up, we conduct a brief training session with your team and give some tips on how to best use your new Digital Retail tools.
3. Improvement
After you’ve been set up, we like to touch base frequently to gain feedback on our product and provide any tips you need to maximize your Digital Retail performance. We work with our dealership partners closely – we only succeed if you do.
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