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What you should know about us

When most car marketplaces play a numbers game of showing you as many vehicles as possible, VINN takes a personal and tailored approach. Let us know what you're in the market for, and we'll find cars right for you.

VINN has a marketplace with thousands of cars, but we hope you'll use our free car searching service instead.

VINN Vehicle Expert team

Our search engine is 100% human

Artificial intelligence may be all the hype, but car shopping needs and tastes are unique. VINN's team of Vehicle Experts are car enthusiasts with years of automotive experience who can cater to your specific needs. They contact you to share ideas, find your next car and answer your questions.

Benefits of using VINN

A genuinely personal car shopping experience with a team that provides advice, answers your questions and organizes your test drives. VINN saves you hours in research, planning and stress.

Don't need make & model to start

We help you find the ideal vehicle for your needs and lifestyle. That includes sharing ideas on makes and models.

Impartial advice

We don't work for any car manufacturers or dealerships, so we can offer unbiased advice when recommending vehicles.

Hassle-free shopping

We connect you with trusted dealers and organize test drives for you.

Completely free!

Whether you browse our marketplace or use our car shopping service, it's free.

Happy VINN customer in front of new Mazda

Hassle free and completely free

We help you find the ideal vehicle for your needs. Whether you browse our marketplace or use our car shopping service, it's free.

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+700 happy experiences

King Ethan 👑, helped us find a car at a lightning speed😲 at an amazing price😵 he is dedicated and a gem of a person. Will definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a quick fix to their car need! Cheers!

Hardik Rochwani
Feb 3, 2023

Amazing web service very kind and patient employees, special thanks to Kate and Nate for helping me find two cars, very greatfull and enjoying the new rides :)

Ankit Banik
Feb 2, 2023

We recently moved to another province and had a tough time getting a new vehicle. I contacted VINN and they reached out to me promptly. They followed up and assisted all the way. Thank you VINN.

Ivy Dele-Adedeji
Jan 30, 2023

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Frequent questions

Are you a dealership?

No. VINN is a marketplace and car-finding service that works with over 200 car manufacturers and dealerships across Canada.

Do you sell cars online?

No. We help you find cars that match your needs and connect you with the right dealers. The transaction happens with them.

What does a Vehicle Expert do?

They help you find the car that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. They also provide advice on vehicles and answer your questions about the car-buying process.

Is it free?

Yes. VINN is free to use. There are no hidden fees. Referral fees from our dealership network fund us, so we can retain our impartiality and focus on giving you the best customer experience. If you don't have the right chemistry with a dealer, we'll find you another.